Reading Drain Cleaning Experts Talk About Bio-Clean

You Will Get More For Your Money With Bio-Clean
There’s a lot of negativity surrounding liquid chemical drain cleaners – and we’d be the first to cautious against them. However, there is one you should know about that’s safe, reliable, and effective: Bio-Clean.
Why Essig Recommends This Product

Bio-Clean provides 100 drain cleaning treatments in one 2lb container. It also eliminates the need to constantly buy chemical drain cleaners that are harmful and serve only as a temporary solution.
This product does no harm to your drains, and is completely safe for you to use! The blend of bacteria and enzymes does not attack live tissue or inorganic materials (like your pipes). It only goes after the organic matter that is clogging up your drain system. Bio-Clean works by breaking down waste particles into water, carbon dioxide, and mineral ash so that they can easily flow out of your waste system.
Bio-Clean can be used in multiple drains throughout your home, whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, or septic tank.
It only takes an hour to work! The bacteria in Bio-Clean will literally eat the waste that’s clogging up your drain making for a free-flowing pipe once again.

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