Clogged Kitchen Sink in Reading, PA

Video camera leak detection method easy way to find source of clog
We responded to a customer who reported that is kitchen sink was clogged. He had taken the trap out and it was clean, meaning that the clog was farther down the line.
Whenever a clog is hard to find, we have advanced technology that can make locating an obstruction much more efficient than ever before. We use a camera attached to a flexible cable that we send down a drain line so we can see the inside of your pipes. This camera transmits a high-resolution image to a monitor so that a plumber can see exactly what he needs to do to fix the problem.
Plumbers used to have to tear out walls and disassemble plumbing to get to the source of a clog. Now, a camera can pinpoint the exact location so that extensive excavation work is no longer necessary. This not only saves a great deal of time, it can also save customers a great deal of money.
If you have a stubborn clog, call Essig Plumbing and Cooling at (610) 557-3302. We’ll find the exact location so we can clear it as fast as possible.

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