Rooftop Unit Replacement in Reading, PA

Keep customers happy with a reliable air conditioning unit
If you run a business that depends on customers coming in the door on a regular basis, you obviously want to make sure they remain as comfortable as possible at all times. If your rooftop air conditioning unit develops issues, you could be looking at a lot of unhappy people who may choose to take their business elsewhere.
There are a few signs to be aware of so you know when you should seriously consider replacing your rooftop unit. The first one is that your system has aged. While some air conditioners can last 15-20 years, the average lifespan is typically lower than that. If your system is older, think about getting a new one before yours gives out and leaves you with a lot of hot, annoyed customers.
If you find that your system needs repairs more and more often, then it would probably make more sense financially to have it replaced with a new model. You should also consider replacement if your energy bills become higher than normal. This is an indication that your air conditioner is running inefficiently and wasting money.
Call Essig Plumbing and Cooling today if you are thinking of purchasing a new rooftop unit for your business.

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