Leak Near Air Conditioner in Reading, PA

Dirty evaporator coil could cause clog leading to leak
Many air conditioners can sometimes develop a condensation line leak at the inside unit, also known as the air handler. When you turn on the air conditioner, it can sometimes look like you turned on your sink because so much water comes out. Once you turn the air conditioner off, the water flow normally stops soon afterward.
The air handler’s evaporator coil will often sweat during use. That is the reason you’ll see – or at least you should see – black insulation around the coil. This insulation absorbs water so that it won’t drip on your floor. If the insulation has gaps or is missing entirely, you’ll have a substantial leak to deal with.
Another potential cause is that the coil is dirty. When water mixes with the dirt, the dirt will accumulate in the condensation pan as well as the drain. This will result in a clog that can eventually lead to water pooling on the floor.
If you see water pooling near your air handler, call Essig Plumbing and Cooling today.

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